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Villa Palmeras




Cultural / Education / Rehabilitation / Public Space
Héctor L. Camacho Berríos
ARQU 6313 - City Studio
Aug - Dic 2014
Arq. José Coleman-Davis Pagán, AIA / Arq. Víctor Nieto Villalón
Santurce, Puerto Rico
3,000 m2

The work emphasis in this workshop is aimed at the population of the Villa Palmeras community, which lacks  adequate spaces for integration and social development in the community. Through re-habilitating an existing structure in the place a new building is proposed, which contains a library center, technology center, study rooms and food concessionaries. The urban intervention aims to generate a social interaction that consolidates the community by defining a form that maximizes the program space and provides the largest area of public space for use and enjoyment. Through the environment in which the project is developed the fundamental intention is based on creating a large public space between both structures, while their separation allows to strengthen the visual experience of both structures without one taking a leading role over the other.

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