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Luis Muñoz Marín Park





Urban Design / Public Space
Andrés Mignucci Arquitectos
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Architect Andrés Mignucci Giannoni
20 acres (Phase I)


Municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico
As-Built, Construction Documents, Construction Modeling, Graphic Design, 3D Models
Andrés Mignucci, Luis Peña, Viviana Lasalle, Rosalyn Román, William Collazo, Antonio López, Héctor Camacho    



The project for the Luis Muñoz Marín Park rehabilitates and modernizes the existing facilities located south of the Piedras river, and increases its programmatic diversity. The park resembles the configuration of a complex plant cell. At the periphery, the cell wall is delimited by the expressways and the motorway. The project breaks the old set of gates and walls opening and making the park visible to the city and it’s people. A new central promenade serves as a spine joining the main entrance with the new programmatic elements. Inside, the cell membrane creates a second strain composed of new volumes in exposed concrete that delimit the liquid and green spaces. The living organisms contained within these membranes make up landmarks that, through splashes of water emanating from monumental towers, play parks, elevated walks, and the legendary tree planted by Muñoz Marín, revitalize the public space and conform new places of encounter and social integration. Connections with the rest of the city, such as the new bridge over the Piedras river that connects to the second phase of the park, the restoration of the old telespherical system and integration to the public transport system of the city, state the promise of urban transformations that can only occur from public actions and social agreements.

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