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Children's Park






Urban Design / Public Space
Andrés Mignucci Arquitectos
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Architect Andrés Mignucci Giannoni
10.30 acres

Municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Construction Documents, Model Construction, Graphic Design, 3D Models
Andrés Mignucci, Luis Peña, Viviana Lasalle, Rosalyn Román, Antonio López, Héctor Camacho


The project consists of the rehabilitation of the Children’s Park, located in the Central Park in Santurce. It focuses on an area of approximately 10 acres in the south quadrant of the municipal sports complex Central Park, bordering to the north with the sports facilities of the park and to the south with the Caño Martín Peña. The area is a landfill, originally claimed to Caño. Subsequently it was trash deposit and from the 70’s asphalted parking on surface serving the facilities of the park. The design responds to recover the coast of the Caño Martín Peña as part of a greater landscape dedicated to the use and the public recreation. At its southeast end the park connects with the Linear Park Enrique Martí Coll. The park was designed by Andrés Mignucci Arquitectos for the municipality of San Juan in 1999-2000. Its initial development consisted of passive recreational facilities based on the creation of a garden for children in what was for many years the parking of the Central Park. The 10 acre property was originally a landfill and later the park’s parking area. The heart of the park consists of five clearings defined by vegetation designed to explore the park through direct experience emphasizing the use of the five senses of the human body; the visual, the aural, the touch, the smell and the taste. Its construction ended in July 2001. During the last 12 years the park suffered a deterioration marked by lack of maintenance, security and improvised interventions and without technical advice.

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